Great things happen when you decide to get STRONG!

Strength comes from within, believing in yourself and never giving up on what your body can do.

Do it for how you want to FEEL, for the ENERGY you want to have and for the GOALS you want to achieve.

It’s an inside job AND for it to be truly sustainable it must  be something you do for yourself.

If you’re new to exercise or need a reminder, start out slowly and consistently working your full body 3-5 times per week.

Master your own body weight before adding weights (load.)

I like my clients to be able to perform 3 sets of 20 full-ROM reps with body weight exercises before adding load.

If you’ve been working out regularly and not FEELING a change in strength or SEEING a change to your appearance, you may be failing because you’re no longer challenging yourself.

In a nutshell, IF you continue to workout day after day doing the same routine, lifting the same weight your body won’t respond and you plateau – PLAIN & SIMPLE

(Not to mention it’s boring as f@k!)

Progressive Overload training is a type of strength training that gradually increases the intensity of your programs.

Here are 5 ways to incorporate progressive overload into your training so you continue to make gains to reach your goals.

Increase the resistance (weight)

Increase the repetitions

Increase the sets

Increase training frequency

Decrease rest time between sets

It’s best to focus on ONE of these methods at a time, NOT all at once.  Variety and options in the gym keeps the body guessing and it’s fun to play!

It’s all about you and what’s important. The techniques you use should be in line with your fitness goals.

There will be bumps in the road, and the work can feel like a grind sometimes. BUT the satisfaction of working on YOU, and what you can accomplish is everything.

That’s what will keep driving you towards making it a lifestyle.

Do it for you – you’re worth it.

Shoot me a DM/email with your questions.


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