Dreams & a Goal setting Mindset

Sometimes it’s about committing yourself to something bigger.

Dreaming and thinking about what YOU really wish for.

Dreams that really excite you EVEN if you don’t know how to get there.

Without dreams we have no motivation to do what we want in life, no reason to want to achieve the very best for ourselves.

Dreams become the basis of our goals.

My sweet client Marie is 92.

She continues to set goals. Her last one was to be able to lift herself up from her wheelchair and bare weight for 10 seconds.

Seems pretty easy right?

Not so easy for her. She struggles with excruciating back pain, weakness in her core and lack of strength in her legs. But man is her WILL mighty!

Her goal was important and she 💯 committed.

So we made a plan and worked together day by day building up her strength and endurance.

Coaching by her side, she looked in the mirror. It was all up to her now.
I watched her stand that day.

Her determination and daily commitment to reaching her WHY was accomplished.

Goal setting is important no matter how old we are.

Little ones or big, bold clear ones.

Whether it’s with training for a milestone, getting a healthier mindset about food, toning up, work or lifestyle habits. Anything.

Invest in YOURSELF.

Take control of your destiny. Your personal journey, whatever that is.

Write them down. Read them everyday. Remind yourself of your what and why.
Then start.

You’re stronger than you think. Prove to yourself, by focusing and committing to your goal, stay consistent, say no to anything that doesn’t compliment your future target and goals.

It’s about a lot of little innovations: every day, every week, every month getting you closer and closer.

Set your standards high for what you want.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than living the life you’ve always wanted. Pick an end goal, make a plan and make your dreams happen.

Life is short, so live a FULL one that really excites you.

It’s the second half of the year. Let’s make the best of it and watch your goals unfold.

Dream big and watch the transformation.

Stay inspired friends!

Love you Marie!



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