Training for life

“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”

With permission, meet my friend Eileen. We met during the pandemic training remotely for exercise. An inspiring woman living with intense chronic, disabling degenerative diseases & pain. She has lived through 32 operations, has a spine fused from C2-T3 & L4-L5. A body ravaged by 4 types of arthritis, has severe spinal stenosis & riddled with autoimmune diseases, yet her heart & joyful spirit remain playful, kind & optimistic.

When we caught up I asked what motivates her to exercise?
“I train for surgery. I’m committed to my recovery, I never give up. I hit the jackpot with health challenges, I’m always fighting intense pain. I try to move as much as possible when I can, motion is lotion.”

So you look at exercise like training for a race?
“Yes, my doctors had never heard of training for surgery. Every bit of strength counts when it comes to recovery, getting out of bed, walking – the things necessary to get released & go home.”

How do you feel when you move?
“My pain is truly off the scale, it’s indescribable. I feel better when I’m able to do something good for myself, for my physical & emotional health. I have control over that, the disease can’t take it all.”

What exercises can you do when you’re in so much pain?
“I do leg exercises in bed or a chair. When I can stand, I walk a few times around the house or use pedals under my desk. I even march on the spot holding my walker.”

What would you say to someone with a serious health crisis who might be nervous about exercise?
“Do it! Just make sure you work with someone experienced & disclose as much info as possible.”

Eileen is another mighty warrior, a true inspiration to me. A resilient fighter & big teacher for us all. She understands the importance of movement, eating right, getting adequate sleep & finding ways to lower her stress. She knows that exercise is medicine, both for her body & mind.

It’s a privilege & a choice to exercise. So whatever you’re facing & striving for, plan ahead & train for it!
Stay committed, stay the course & put yourself in the best possible position to benefit.

Stay strong! 💪🏻❤️