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Are you disciplined and motivated to work out on your own but need the guidelines of a well structured and customized program that meets your individual needs and goals? Meet and review weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual.  You decide how often you need a "check-in" to change your routine up. Book in regularly to ensure proper understanding  of form, technique and alignment.

We offer:

  • A free consultation to meet and determine your fitness goals

  • 60 minute sessions to discuss your needs, design and review exercises

  • A variety of different training methodologies including cardiovascular conditioning, improve balance & flexibility, build muscle strength, functional training specific to your sport or work, pre/post rehab exercises to work with a variety of health conditions, develop mental focus to improve & maintain long-term injury prevention




Get a FREE Fitness Journal When you Book Your Fit Consultation!

Do you have a gym membership but feel lost and not sure where to start?

Have you been going to the gym but not seeing the results you hoped for?

Have you been working out regularly but have now reached a plateau?

Do you have a milestone or event you really want to prepare for and get in the best shape possible?

Do you have an old injury or new pain that is preventing you from progressing with your workouts?

Do you need the accountability of a regular goal check in?

At Balance Fitness Solutions, we offer a positive approach to fitness and lifestyle management.


Helping you to look and feel great is our mission, let us help you get there!

  • Getting physically fit to function and feel better with daily activities

  • Losing weight and inches in problem areas/gaining weight and mass

  • Improve your game or sport, such as golf, tennis or curling

  • Muscle strengthening and managing old/new injuries and conditions

  • Creating a fitness routine that you will stick with for life

  • Getting information to help you make healthier food choices

We create fitness programs for you that are:

  • Balanced and clear so you feel comfortable with the program on your own

  • Structured to target all muscles to create a strong foundation & solid core

  • Geared to help you achieve your physical goals, whether its dealing with a new injury or a new or old medical condition

  • Varied to keep it challenging, fun and to avoid plateaus 

  • Resourceful - use our network of specialists in the areas non-exercise health such as Massage, Osteopathy, Physio therapy and Nutrition

If you need fitness motivation in a caring, compassionate environment, with personal one on one or semi private coaching, let Balance Fitness Solutions be your #1 Choice!

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