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Recognized as a highly passionate, energetic and motivational trainer in the fitness community, Susan has brought her unique ability to educate and instruct with a sense of humour to hundreds of individuals and groups at her local studios in Burlington and surrounding boutique gyms.  


During Covid 19, Susan quickly adapted to a virtual gym, offering her clients the consistency of movement within their homes and supporting them during these uncertain times.  She was also recognized in the news for her unique approach to offering "outside of the box" balcony training to the local senior's residence  Maranatha Gardens in Burlington.  Keeping them safe, active and socially engaged at a distance during unprecedented times. 


Susan has been involved in athletics for over 30 years and opened her first studio in 2003. Susan is well known for her many creative and challenging circuit classes that explode with her passion for crossfit, boxing, strength, endurance and high intensity interval training.  In 2016, a long awaited dream was accomplished, completing her 200 Yoga teacher training.  Susan welcomes you to share your practice with her along with mindfulness meditation.

Understanding that the human body ages and shifts with new challenges, she is also a Medical Exercise and Cancer Specialist.  Helping people manage  their medical conditions to maintain and restore function through exercise so they can continue to live full and active lives.  Client success is the focus of Susan's work, balanced and effective programs along with her keen eye for detail keep her clients coming back.  Her clientele range from all walks of life, from fitness enthusiasts to athletes, seniors and youth.  Susan has been featured on CHCH, City TV and in the Burlington Post, In Halton news, Canadian Living as well as Costco Connection. 



Get a FREE Fitness Journal When you Book Your Fit Consultation!

Are you suffering from exhaustion?

Do you have physical ailments that are preventing you from having quality of life?

Do you want to lose weight?

Are you looking to get more physically fit as you age?

Are you lacking motivation to get yourself moving or to a gym but know you want to change your body and your life?

Are you looking to empower yourself and be a stronger version of you?

At Balance Fitness Solutions, we offer a positive approach to fitness and lifestyle management.


Helping you to feel great is our mission and we can help you achieve goals of:

  • Getting physically fit

  • Losing weight

  • Losing inches in problem areas

  • Muscle strengthening and overcoming injuries / ailments

  • Creating a fitness routine that you will stick with

  • Getting information to help you make healthier food choices

We create fitness routines for you that are:

  • Geared for both indoor and outdoors depending on weather

  • Fun yet challenging

  • Geared to help you achieve your physical goals, whether it is recovering from ailments or making improvements from where you already are

  • Varied to keep it interesting and to work different muscles on a regular basis

If you need fitness motivation in a caring, compassionate environment, with personal one on one or semi private coaching, let Balance Fitness Solutions be your #1 Choice!

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